Multimodal Convolutional Neural Networks for Matching Image and Sentence

Lin Ma, Zhengdong Lu, Lifeng Shang, and Hang Li

Huawei Noah's Ark Lab, Hong Kong

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In this paper, we propose multimodal convolutional neural networks (m-CNNs) for matching image and sentence. Our m-CNN provides an end-to-end framework with convolutional architectures to exploit image representation, word composition, and the matching relations between the two modalities. More specifically, it consists of one image CNN encoding the image content and one matching CNN modeling the joint representation of image and sentence. The matching CNN composes different semantic fragments from words and learns the inter-modal relations between image and the composed fragments at different levels, thus fully exploit the matching relations between image and sentence. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed m-CNNs can effectively capture the information necessary for image and sentence matching. More specifically, our proposed m-CNNs significantly outperform the state-of-the-art approaches for bidirectional image and sentence retrieval on the Flickr8K, Flickr30K, and Micorsoft COCO datasets.

The contributions of this work:

Multimodal Convolutional Neural Network (m-CNN)

Multimodal matching between image and sentence is complicated, and usually occurs at different levels, specifically the local word and phrase levels as well as the global sentence level.

Multimodal convolutional neural network (m-CNN) takes the image and sentence as input and generates the matching score between them, which consists of three components.

Experimental Results

Bidirectional image and sentence retrieval results on Flickr8K

Bidirectional image and sentence retrieval results on Flick30K 

Bidirectional image and sentence retrieval results on Microsoft COCO


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